"Work It Girl!" – Tania Doub

"Work it, Girl!”

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“Work it, Girl!” is my first book – available now!

About the book:

Tech sales has always been a traditionally male-dominated field, so when we women come along to do the job, the shoes don’t exactly fit. The thing is, we can do this job wearing our own shoes. And my book is where you’ll learn which shoes to wear and how to strut your stuff when it comes to sales.

If you’re asking yourself…

  • Who am I aspiring to be when I declare myself a woman in sales?
  • How can I make a career out of this job when it traditionally has been a boy’s club?
  • When should I pivot or stay the course?
  • What’s the upside? Why should I even try to make it work?

…this book is for you!

Get the scoop on the good, the bad, and the ugly of sales, so that you can make a career in sales work… for YOU!

Sales is personally, professionally, and financially very rewarding and if done right, it can open up many opportunities for you. Everything from traveling to the world’s best cities, dining in the hottest Michelin rated restaurants, staying in the swankiest hotels, and most importantly, meeting with the best and brightest minds in the world at Fortune 100 companies.

Today’s sales woman is…

A modern sales woman is… YOU!

A woman in modern technology sales is the best kept secret around.

Now you know.

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