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Work it, Girl! - The Book

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Work It, Girl! is the essential handbook for any modern-day woman navigating a career in technology sales. Over half the jobs women pursue after college are in sales, but, unfortunately, many women don’t see sales as a real and sustainable career choice. Whether we are intimidated as the only woman in the room or lacking guidance because we don’t see other women successfully managing a career and a family, the reality is that too many women are opting out of sales and missing out on an exciting and lucrative career. We have never been told, or taught, just how exciting, strategic, consultative, and lucrative sales actually is—until now!

In Work It, Girl!, Tania Arakelian Doub compiles twenty years of her sales experience—job profiles, career trajectories, anecdotes, tips and tricks, and more—and has created the blueprint to a long and sustainable career for women in sales. Learn how to master this complex, volatile, and seemingly unstable career while living the life of your dreams. In this modern-day career guide for women in sales, Tania shares all of her secrets with you!

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Work it! - The Sales Planner

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This companion to Work It, Girl! is the sales planner you always wish you had. It’s essential for anyone in sales looking for the daily motivation, discipline, and energy needed to manage your sales quota—and your sales career—from one quarter to the next!

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About the Author

TANIA ARAKELIAN DOUB accidentally stumbled into sales at the age of twenty six. Having landed in the right place at the right time—in her ideal sales environment!—Tania was among the top sales performers within twelve months. She has since worked at multiple high-growth SaaS companies, including e-Dialog, Tealium, PowerReviews, Segment, Yext—and now, Salesforce. She has made a career out of closing historically complex deals, advancing her companies’ reputations and transforming how they do business. Tania has built her sales career while also balancing motherhood, the ongoing demands of a young family, and managing the general “you can have it all” prophecy that we are all constantly trying to fulfill.

Tania is also the author of Work It! The modern-day sales planner. She has received multiple sales awards and President’s Club recognition over the years, but more importantly she has been rewarded by finding her voice— and her confidence—as a woman in sales. Tania lives in Boston, MA, with her husband, two young boys, and their goldendoodle, Lucky.

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“‘Bro culture’ prevents many women from even considering [a sales] career. Tania’s book provides a blueprint to help [change this] perception…”
John Barrows
Author and CEO, JBarrows Sales Training
“Work It, Girl! is a one-stop goldmine…”
Todd Caponi
Author and CEO, Sales Melon
“[Tania] gets real. You rarely see such helpful [sales] advice as this!”
Lori Richardson
Author and CEO, Score More Sales


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