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"Work it, Girl!"

Have you ever considered a career in modern technology sales?

Try this on for size!

What if I told you a big part of your success comes down to good listening, problem solving, and bringing your authentic self to the conversation. The truth is that the old-fashioned, traditional sales machine has changed and with the right skills and tools you can have a long and successful career as a woman in sales.

Sales Associations and Experience

Hey, Girl!

I’m Tania. 

I hear you want to be successful at sales. 

After 20 years as a multi-year top sales performer at every organization I’ve joined (no, seriously, ALL of them!), I’m sharing what I’ve learned, how I got to the top and how I’ve stayed there. And oh yeah, lots of tips on how to sell!

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Good Vibes

It’s great to have someone in your corner who is genuinely rooting for you on a regular basis, ready to lift you up when you’re down or celebrate with you when you have had a success. Tania is a bright light in this challenging path for many women, and gives you the internal confidence to go out and crush it like she has.
Kristen Roffi
Enterprise Account Executive, Valor Performance
I met Tania after I heard her speak on a panel about Women in Sales. She gave compelling answers that I could implement the next day all while focusing on harnessing our unique strengths as women. Through a coaching session, I gained even more. We walked through my sales process and she gave me some small edits on each phase of my funnel that has already proven successful. Tania quickly understood our product and provided immediate value that I put into place right after the call.
Lori Dunn
Sales and Partnerships Manager, NeighborSchools
I connected with Tania on LinkedIn as a result of a challenge from a friend of mine who’s professional advice I respect. Tania has very deep sales industry knowledge, which has been hard-earned by working at tech companies of various sizes and stages. She gave me pointers on prospect targeting, message positioning, and scalable tactics. When she talked to me, it was with a tone and demeanor that didn’t feel rushed or calculated, but honest, real and focused on helping me. I count myself blessed to have crossed paths with Tania, and highly recommend you connect with her and see what her wealth of knowledge can do for you.
Benjamin Harbert
Account Executive, Idiomatic, Inc.

The Morning After

My blog dedicated to the good, the bad and the ugly of sales so you have the tools to plan, pivot, and predict your success.

No Regrets!

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