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Tania Talks

Right now there are more available sales jobs in b2b tech companies than there are talented sales people. Not the best news for companies trying to hire & retain sales talent. How can your company get the competitive edge on the best sales talent the industry has to offer? How can you retain the top performers you need to take your business to the next level?

Office Hours

Going up? Hit me with your elevator pitch. I’m here to coach you through it all. What do you do when a prospect suddenly goes dark? How do you juggle work/life balance when everything is always urgent? How do you maintain energy and confidence when your pipeline is simply not cooperating? Use me as your sounding board.


Did you know women have a higher close rate compared to male counterparts on the same team? Did you know, on average, women also stay longer in their jobs compared to men? If this kind of strong performing, loyal and dedicated person is who you’re looking to reach, let’s work together!


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