"Work It Girl!" – Tania Doub



Join Tania Doub for a Work It, Girl! virtual EmPower Hour, customized for your team and company.  Each month, we will have open and honest conversations about real issues we face as women in sales. We will talk about all the things: daily motivation, discipline, energy needed to manage a sales quota, work and life balance, sales careers, and anything else that comes up for the group. We will come vulnerable and honest, and leave inspired and energized. Most importantly, we will build a community of unstoppable women in sales that are all aligned on the same goal of getting better together. Each month, we will talk about:

  • Mindset: What is your “why” for doing this job?
  • Motivation: Showing up for yourself is sometimes the hardest part of a job in sales.
  • Action: Just start! Do something every single day to make progress toward your goals.
  • Community: You’re not alone! We’re here to set you up for success on the job – and beyond!
  • And more!

$350/month includes 1 EmPower Hour each month with your team. Auto-billed, monthly.



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